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Meet Minhnuyet

Minhnuyet Hardy

Pronounced like the dance, min-u-et.

Just as my French-Vietnamese heritage name is inspired by art and beauty, I infuse those elements into my interiors. Smart, stylish, livable designs as distinctive as my name have become my professional signature.

Growing up an Army brat, I drew inspiration from the most unexpected sources while traveling the world. From the poorest regions to the most affluent areas, I recognized that beauty is everywhere in both the simplest and most ornate of objects. Those rich life experiences continue to influence my design style, resulting in an edgy mix of elegant simplicity and modern glamour with a dash of the unexpected.

Along my entrepreneurial journey I co-founded Atlanta Luxury Rentals, a high-end real estate rental business, catering exclusively to Atlanta’s ultra-luxury clientele. I designed over 50 individual luxury properties within a 2.5 year period. From celebrities to corporate moguls, each engagement required our absolute best in every aspect, from furnishings to service. This venture not only established my personal style but also perfected my ability to quickly hone in on each client’s personal needs.

Our clients love my innovative use of mixed metals, layered textures and with eclectic items that result in a unique aesthetic for each project. I begin by fully understanding your individual needs & preferences before each residence into a personalized masterpiece custom tailored to your lifestyle and desires. This bespoke approach to design keeps my loyal clientele coming back for more and referring colleagues & friends. I look forward to working personally with you to bring your vision to life!

Let’s create something SPECIAL together.

Minhnuyet Hardy