What's Your Style Series: Eclectic Style

What's Your Style Series: Eclectic Style

Eclectic Style

… What is it?

And what defines Eclectic style when it comes to interior decorating?

Eclectic Style

Eclectic Style combines elements from differing time periods and origins into a single space.  Typically, there is a specific element that connects the space so the differing elements and pieces do not feel chaotic.  That common element has endless possibilities but is often seen in the form of a color, furniture style, or fabric type.

My Eclectic Style Pinterest Board

My Eclectic Style Pinterest Board


Color use in eclectic spaces varies widely, however, neutral elements are usually used to ground the space.  If for instance, the specific element that is tying the space together is a blue couch and silver accessories, then one might have neutral colored walls and flooring to keep the eye focused on the blue couch and silver accessories.

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Fabric plays a large role in eclectic style.  Multiple patterns, textures, and design elements like trims, tassels, and fringe are commonplace, so keeping a neutral color palette in the background is important to prevent the room from feeling disoriented.

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There is no specific style of furniture seen throughout eclectic style, however there are elements that are frequently observed.  Roughed up finishes, fabrics with similar color palettes, and differing types of furniture in the same color scheme are expected.  So for instance, one might place a chartreuse colored, vintage velvet couch in a room filled with chartreuse colored contemporary accessories, but the design feels cohesive because the chartreuse color is featured throughout the space.

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Lighting & Finishes 

Part of the beauty of eclectic style is that most anything goes.  In regard to lighting and finishes, the grounding force is usually, again, a common color or accentuating color to the color that is common throughout the space.  As far as shape goes, lighting & finish style varies based on the decorator or home owner’s preference.  The pieces  could be vintage or antique, or they could be modern, or glamorous, or they could be a combination of all of the above.

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Eclectic style is a fusion of multiple styles made cohesive by a common design element.  It is perfect for those who wish to mix old with new, and bold with commonplace… Think of it is a personalized cocktail made up of your favorite flavors…  unique to you, and unique to time.

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If you are interested in redefining your space into something a little more eclectic, contact us at minhnuyet@minhnuyethardy.com.

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