Tips & Tricks: How to Quick Clean Your House (1 Hour or Less)

Tips & Tricks: How to Quick Clean Your House (1 Hour or Less)

How to quick clean your house


Summer has arrived.


I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to welcome (with open arms) flow-y dresses, open-toed shoes, and relaxing Saturdays by the pool.  I am also looking forward to hosting a few summer get togethers.  Whether it’s a casual backyard barbecue, a more formal candle lit cocktail hour, or you just want a tidy abode for your eyes only, here are some essential tips on how to quickly clean your house.

The mantra: the faster you get the cleaning done, the more time you can spend having fun.

Put in your ear phones, pull up your favorite play list, and get moving (fast -because you only have an hour).

Focus on the rooms/spaces your guests will see first (up to 6 areas).



When doing a quick cleaning, its important you utilize your time well.  Choose the areas that your guests will see, or the areas that need to be cleaned the most.  Its amazing how much you can get done in a short amount of time when you prioritize.

Set a timer for 10 minutes (10 minutes for each space).



Allot 10 minutes for each prioritized space (10 minutes per space x 6 spaces = one hour of time).  If you want to get really, really, strategic, do something like this:

Living room or bedroom:

  • 3 minutes for picking up/straightening up
  • 3 minutes for dusting/wiping down
  • 4 minutes for a quick vacuum or sweep


  • 2 minutes for tidying
  • 1 minute for cleaning toilet
  • 2 minutes for wiping down shower/tub
  • 1 minute for wiping down counter
  • 1 minute for cleaning mirror
  • 3 minutes for sweeping and cleaning the floor


  • 2 minutes for loading the dishwasher
  • 2 minutes for putting away loose items
  • 2 minutes for wiping down counters
  • 4 minutes for sweeping and cleaning the floor


Create a peaceful ambience.



Light some fragrant candles, put on some feel good music, open the curtains and switch on your lovely lamps – create the ambience you want for your space.  Whether you are having a get together with friends and family or you are just hanging out by yourself, creating a relaxing ambience for your home makes all the difference.  And with your house freshly cleaned, you will be able to enjoy it more thoroughly.




Whether you are hosting a party or simply hanging out solo in your home, it’s important that you enjoy your space.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos, busyness, and worries of the world, but home should be the one place on this planet that you can leave those troubles behind.

Author Michael Pollan said, “When chopping onions, just chop onions.” – Meaning, be in the moment.  Try and wrangle your thoughts to be present and prevent them from running all over the place and spiking anxiety.  You deserve to relax.

In conclusion, a clean home is a relaxing & restful home.  I hope these tips will help you get the cleaning part over faster, so you can get to enjoying your space and life more.

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Have a fabulous day!

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