Re-Branding: Creating a New Logo

Re-Branding: Creating a New Logo

The importance of a brand name and symbol…

For as seemingly small as a name and logo are, they can have a big impact on the success of your brand.  The name, Refresh Decorating, served me well, but as it stands now, it no longer reflected where I wanted to go as a creative business owner.  I’m not just refreshing spaces anymore… I’m transforming them.  The same is true for my logo.  I felt as though it was no longer indicative of the changes that were occurring within my brand.

Enter search for new business name and logo.

Enter multiple hours of brainstorming and obsessing over re-branding.

After much thought, consideration, and advice from the amazing Tobi Fairley, I decided to use my name as the basis for my re-branding.  By doing so, I can ebb and flow, and change my business as I please under the umbrella of my actual name.  I find it to be freeing as the possibilities seem endless, but also daunting, as my brand is me… literally.

New name?  Check. Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors.

Now for the logo.

After doing a little research I came upon Emily McCarthy in Savannah, GA.  She manifested into graphic form the logo I had floating around in my brain.


New Logo?  Check.  Here is the logo transformation from Refresh Decorating to Minhnuyet Hardy Interiors.

Refresh Decorating Logo

My former logo.


My current logo.

My current logo.


I’m so proud and excited about my new look!

What do you think about the transformation?  Leave me a comment below!  I would love know your thoughts!

May your day be smart and oh-so-stylish!

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