Low Maintenance Plants Perfect for the Busy Professional

Low Maintenance Plants Perfect for the Busy Professional

There is something about having a plant in your home that makes it feel lived in – like its really YOUR home – like someone actually lives there.  Even the most sterile of environments can be made warmer by incorporating plants.  Most plants, though, like most relationships, require nuturing, but nurturing takes time, and for the busy professional, time is a hot commodity – So, I’ve compiled a list of plants that require little maintenance, but still provide a bit of color and oxygen to liven up, and warm up, your space.

1. Air Plants

These particular plants require maintenance in the form of a  weekly dunk in water – talk about easy… You can set a weekly alarm in your phone to remind you to give your plants a dunk.  A few minutes tops.  And done.

Here is a useful article from Better Homes and Gardens online about growing air plants.

Air plant sold by The Air Plant Shop on Amazon.com

Air plant found on Amazon.com


2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

This lovely plant needs lots of light, but interestingly enough, not much water. It looks great due to its large, dark leaves and it can get quite tall making it a great plant for filling in an empty corner of a room.  Here is an article with tips on caring for your fiddle leaf fig tree from Gardenista.com.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree sold on Amazon.com by Nearly Natural

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree sold on Amazon.com by Nearly Natural

3. Jade Plant

This plant is a low-water, treelike plant with gnarly branches and succulent, fleshy leaves.  If water is a limited resource in your community, this is a great plant for you.  It is interesting and eye catching, but will not abuse your water bill (or your time).

Here is a video on jade plants and the best way to grow them.

4. Succulents

This particular plant species is almost criminal its so easy to grow.  They require little water, so again, if water is a limited resource where you are, go with succulents.  They grow fairly quickly, are really interesting to look at, and a bi-weekly glug of water will keep them perfectly healthy.  Here is a helpful article on how to water succulents from Succulents and Sunshine.

Happy planting!!!  And for any additional interior design inquiries, email us at minhnuyet@minhnuyethardy.com.

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