Men's Spaces: 5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

Men's Spaces: 5 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

5 tips for organizing your closet

I love designing spaces for my male clientele, but an issue I often run into is closet organization.  We have all been there… You wake up, go through your morning routine, arrive at your closet and get totally disheveled trying to figure out what to wear.  You can’t find the right shirt to go with the new tie, or the shiny leather belt to match the shoes.  It can be a TOTAL pain!

So I created these 5 tips to help you stay organized and looking great – both in your space AND out and about in the world!

1. Sort according to garment type Walk-In Closet Walk-In Closet

Once your garment types are sorted, then sort long and short sleeves, suits, types of pants, ect.  This way, when you go to choose an outfit, you can decide from categories that are ready to be worn.  If its hot out, you know where to look for your short sleeved polo shirt. If its casual Friday, you know where your favorite jeans are… This is SUCH a time saver for the modern male (and female for that matter).

2. Invest in nice hangers BUMERANG Curved clothes hanger in natural BUMERANG Curved clothes hanger in natural

Choosing the same type of hanger, wooden or flat flocked, is a great way to maximize space and add uniformity to your closet.  With the same hanger, all of your garments will hang from the same length, not only giving a neat and orderly appearance, but also making it easier to find what you are looking for.  This is a time saver, and warning… may contribute to wardrobe elation.

3. Sort according to garment color French Roast Walk-In Closet French Roast Walk-In Closet

This is pretty self explanatory, but I am always surprised by how many people do not do this.  When you sort your closet according to garment color, it makes choosing a matching top or bottom incredibly easy and fast.  It takes a little time on the front end, but the time you will save is well worth the initial investment.

4. Organize belts, shoes, & ties in one area MAX Closet Chrome Modular Shelving Set MAX Closet Chrome Modular Shelving Set

This is a fabulous organizational tip that is so often overlooked.  By organizing your belts, shoes, & ties in one area it makes finishing your outfit a piece of cake.  Once you have the right shirt and pants picked out, you can easily grab your matching accessories from a compact, organized area vs. running all over your space trying to find the right belt, shoe, tie, watch, etc.

5. Purchase a laundry basket (and use it) Steele ® Square Canvas Bin Steele ® Square Canvas Bin

This tip is a non-negotiable.  It removes the ever present obstacle of dirty clothes on the floor.  If you have a laundry basket readily available, you can make sure your space looks tidy at all times.  In addition, you know its time to do a load of laundry when the basket is full, so its a great physical reminder for when its time to do a little house work.  If you are in the space planning phase, create a space specifically designed for your laundry basket so it stays out of sight, but is easily accessible.  This will make it even easier to keep your space looking clean and totally clutter free.

I hope these organizational, time saving tips will help you keep your closet clean, functional, and looking great!  Let me know if you have any questions!

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Have a smart, stylish, and highly organized day!

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