Living Like a Rockstar: Master Bedroom

Living Like a Rockstar: Master Bedroom

I love design and one of the greatest parts of my job is getting to know my clients.  The collaboration throughout the process can tranform a normal client-designer relationship into great friendships as well.

One of the results of cultivating these relationships is the ability to create spaces that reflect the innermost parts of my clients’ personalities.  It is a privilege for me and one I take very seriously.  I work really hard to create spaces that not only look great, but that also evoke emotion… I want my clients to feel as though my work is a direct reflection of them – like if they were to magically turn into a room, the one I created for them would be the exact room they would turn into.  (I have a vivid imagination)!


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)

This particular space was designed for a former rockstar.  He lives, eats, breathes, even dreams music.  He has guitars and framed records gracing the walls of his midtown condo – everyday reminders of the success he has achieved.  So, I wanted his master bedroom to reflect that same rockstar style and emotion, while also being really restful and calm. The design was focused on the following key elements:

• Dark walls – slightly moody, maybe even a little mysterious, but also incredibly cozy and relaxing.  Dark walls are synonymous with rock star style and in this bachelor’s master suite, they coincide perfectly… Like a melody to a perfect phrase.

• Dark silk curtains – no rock star room is complete without beautiful drapery.  And in this space, we wanted the moody, mysterious look to be consistent throughout, so we chose silk curtains in a similar color to the walls. This gives the room some eye-catching dimension without being distracting.

• Acrylic encased music art – just in case you weren’t sure a rock star slept in this bedroom, this piece satisfies all doubt.  This restful piece of art was chosen to stir the emotions that the love of music brings to the soul.  Its simple, with a hint of complexity, while being incredibly intriguing – just like this man’s music.

This master suite fit for a rockstar came together so organically after the conversations my client and I had regarding the feel he wanted this room to have.  The photo is absolutely lovely, but the real thing is EVEN better.  (This entire space was featured in Modern Luxury Atlanta Men’s Book.  You can access the article through my post here).

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