Living Like a Rockstar: Cooking & Dining in Star Style

Living Like a Rockstar: Cooking & Dining in Star Style

This rockstar loves to entertain – and not just on stage, either.  Whether its a few band mates, or a full fledged party, he was adamant that entertaining be at the top of the list when considering design aesthetic and function in his new high-rise space.  Because high-rise living is compact, we made up for the finite space with stellar style and functionality fit, literally, for a rockstar.


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)

The articulating faucet and large rectangular sink by Kohler are a provoking focal point in the kitchen, and the gorgeous backsplash and quartz counters ensure that clean up is a breeze.  Unlike granite and marble, quartz countertops do not need to be sealed bi-annually or annually.  They are incredibly durable and for a busy professional – working in music or otherwise – they are a low-maintenance, no worry solution to a beautiful kitchen counter.  I recommend them for clients that like a streamlined, expensive look, but prefer a no-extra-fuss in the kitchen kind of experience.

Again, high-rise living can be compact, but the possibilities for packing a BIG punch are endless.  (And the city views provide such an amazing backdrop for the space they can only be described as artwork.)  So, in the dining area, we wanted to create high impact with minimal square footage.


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)

We started with artwork.  My client said he wanted art with a lot of movement and color, so I knew exactly who to contact – Houston based artist, Blakey Bering.  I love Blakey and she has provided me with some show stoppers in the past, so we commissioned this particular piece of art for the dining area.  Blakey uses an unusual technique in her art… the sun.  She lays down the basic design with a myriad of oil and  metallic paints and then allows the sun to ultimately determine the design.  Because the art is created outdoors, the art sometimes contains small pieces of foliage and even small insects on occasion.  It is one-of-a-kind and absolutely stunning in person.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 1.18.37 PM

(Artist: Blakey Bering)

The dining chairs are a sophisticated choice and pair perfectly with the round table, and the chandelier also provides a touch of bling without be overly feminine.  Together, the art, chairs, table, and chandelier create an intricately balanced space that is inviting, artistic, and incredibly contemporary.


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)

Combined, the kitchen and dining area are a one-of-a-kind space in which carrying out the tasks of every day life transform from a chore to a pleasure.  Now that’s what I call smart, stylish living!

For inquiries regarding your space, contact me at  I would covet the chance to transform your space into one that is smart, stylish, and reflective of you!

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  1. gorgeous!

    Comment by ejong on May 7, 2015 at 6:48 pm
  2. Thank you, Erica!

    Comment by Minhnuyet Hardy on May 8, 2015 at 7:21 pm
  3. I might have to move to your area for the sole reason of having you decorate my place. This is (as usual) stunning! I am so jealous of this rockstar!

    Comment by Alexandra on May 8, 2015 at 9:29 pm