Top Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Top Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Top Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

As an interior designer who absolutely loves my job and all the intricacies within the world of interior design, I feel it is my responsibility, even my duty, to share my top decorating mistakes in hopes that they will help you create a more smart, stylish interior.

Mistakes are unavoidable at times, and sometimes our failures lead to our greatest successes, however, the decor mishaps below are just. plain. bad. and I promise they will not leave you loving your space.

As a person who has made a career out of designing spaces people will love, I want to share what I know with you as I want YOU to live in a space you LOVE.

So, in that spirit, here are my top decorating mistakes to AVOID…

1. No fake plants.

No, no, no, NO.  Fake plants, even the more modern versions that do look slightly real, are always an interior design no-no.  Fake plants, just like their name implies, are faking it.  Not only that, they collect dust quickly, are hard to keep clean, and after a short while look even worse than they did brand new.  Unlike what Nike says in this regard – Just. Don’t. Do. It. If you have a brown thumb and CANNOT keep even a cactus alive, I would recommend investing in a preserved living plant.  These come in all sorts of sizes and types and require no maintenance but they are REAL.

2. Rugs that are too small.

I love a good rug, however, even the most beautiful of rugs will look awkward in spaces in which they do not fit.  Even if you have an expensive Persian rug that your parents bought you as a wedding gift… if it is too small for your space, it will look out of place, and furthermore, will not be given the appreciation it deserves.  Invest in a rug that fits the room, and place the other rug in an area that it properly fits.  In a living room for instance, a rug should be large enough to comfortably house at the very least all the front legs of your furniture. In the dining room, the rug should be big enough so that when you push your dining chairs back, the legs of the chairs still remain  on the rug.

3. Too many small accessories.

Too many small accessories scream Clutter with a capital “C.”  Grouping your small accessories together create a collection which is perfectly acceptable. However, if you want a tailored, designer look, it is imperative you keep clutter at bay.

4. Artwork that is too small for the wall.

Artwork is such an important feature in a home.  It is a focal point, a conversation piece, often a prized possession…  However, if you have a large wall and a small piece of artwork, not only will that artwork be incredibly lonely all by itself, but it will also look out of place. There are time when you want to highlight the negative space but unless you know what you are doing, bigger is almost always better. If you must choose between too big or too small, oversized artwork always looks better when decorating…  You want to create a statement, not an abbreviation.

5. Hanging curtains too low.

Curtains that hang too low draw the eye downward and look like you skimped.  As a rule, you want to draw the eye upward in the space, not to the floor.  So, in the case of the curtains, hem, hem, hem to an appropriate length, and hang the curtains several inches below the crown or the ceiling.  This actually creates an optical illusion and makes the ceilings look higher – and who doesn’t want higher ceilings?

I hope these avoidable mistakes will be useful in your interior design tool chest.  For any questions or inquiries, email us at

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think… Are these tips helpful?

Have a great day!

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