Tips for a Smart, Stylish, & Sharp Interior

Tips for a Smart, Stylish, & Sharp Interior

Who doesn’t want a smart, stylish, and fabulously sharp interior?


In today’s post, I’m sharing 3 ways to up the ante in your space when it comes to interior design.  Your home is a reflection of you, so why not make it as beautiful as you are…

These 3 tips are sure ways to liven up, refresh, and sharpen the incredibly important and intimate space you call home.

1. Give Your Walls a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint makes a WORLD of difference.  Whether you are moving into a new space or reclaiming the home you already own, painting is a sure way to make a room feel fresh and new again.  Choose a paint color you love!  You don’t always have to play it safe. I always pick the paint color last after I’ve chosen the rugs and fabrics for the room. One of the best ways to sample paints is to go to your local paint store and buy the tester size or pint size colors.  Paint on large pieces of watercolor paper and tape them to your wall.  Move them around the room as they will change with the natural light entering your space.  Which one do you like best throughout the day? – Choose that one!


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)

2. Add Layers of Lighting

Lighting is SO important in a space.  In addition to dimmer switches, I would encourage you to add layers of lighting to create a warm ambience within your space.  Use beautiful overhead lighting, interesting wall sconces, and eye catching lamps – all these pieces combined create a sophisticated and well lit look you will be sure to love.


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)

3. Incorporate Large Pieces of Art

Every room needs a focal point(s) and a large piece of art will do just that.  Find something that provokes feeling in you.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  You could even buy a large canvas at your local art store and create a masterpiece all your own… Just make sure it is large enough for the wall you intend it to hang on.  Bigger is always better in this case.  If you have a plethora of small canvases and/or framed pieces, you can create a gallery wall that will, when finished, look like a large piece of art.  You can also use sculptures, framed textiles, and beautiful three dimensional pieces to add interest.  Whether one piece or many, never, ever, forget the power of art in a space – along with your space’s color palette it sets the tone for your home.


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)


(Designer: Minhnuyet Hardy, Photographer: Mali Azima, Stylist: Brandon Bransford)


I hope these tips are incredibly helpful to you as you create a smart, stylish, & fabulously sharp interior.  For questions or inquiries about working with me, please email

How will you incorporate these tips in the designing of your space?  I’d love to hear from you!

Have a smart, stylish, and SHARP day!

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