Every Day Designer: Granite vs. Quartz

Every Day Designer: Granite vs. Quartz



So you are remodeling your kitchen.

Sigh… We have all been there.  Its a lot of work and the cost cuts into your vacation budget.  You cringe at the thought of eating microwave burritos, toaster waffles, and takeout for the next few weeks.  You wonder about materials, time constraints, and the all-important-bottom-line.

You spend months preparing – Pinning pictures to your “Dream Kitchen” board on pinterest, clipping magazine articles on kitchen remodels from Elle Decor, making frequent trips to your local appliance, design, and cabinet stores…

No doubt about it. – Remodeling a kitchen requires a lot of time, money, and effort, so I’m here to alleviate some of the “guess work.”

Today, we are going to discuss the pros and cons of granite vs. quartz, so when making a countertop selection, you are well informed.

Granite and quartz are used extensively in kitchen designs both in America and around the world today.  They are beautiful, versatile, and high end.  But what’s the difference between them?  Which material is right for you?  And will they fit in your budget?

… Let’s dive in.



– This material is 100% natural, so if you are the queen (or king) of green living, granite is a great option for you.

– The cost of granite starts at $30 per square foot, but increases depending on the quality and pattern of the granite (~$80).  For rare patterns, you pay a higher price… Its simple supply and demand.

– Granite does require some maintenance.  To keep it looking in tip top shape, it should be sealed yearly.

– The durability of granite is very high, though it can be prone to staining depending on the color and how porous your particular slab of granite is… Again, have it sealed yearly and you should not encounter any issues with staining.

Photo from HGTV.com

Photo from HGTV.com

Photo from HGTV.com

Photo from HGTV.com



– The material makeup of quartz is 93% natural, and 7% color and resin.  So, if you are the queen (or king) of green living and you are committed to natural materials in your home, quartz probably isn’t the best fit for you.  However, if being 100% natural isn’t at the top of your priority list, quartz does boast some fabulous qualities of which I am about to tell you.

– Slightly pricer than granite, the cost of quartz starts at $60 per square foot and tops out at around $90 per square foot.  Again, supply and demand plays a large role in the cost.  Quartz is known for being incredibly tough, scratch resistant, and anti-microbial.

– Quartz requires no maintenance.  Because it is non-porous it does not require a yearly seal like granite does.  So for those of you that prefer a no-maintenance kind of kitchen, quartz is a great fit for you.

– The durability of quartz is fantastic.  Because it is non-porous there is virtually no way to stain it.  Its non-porous nature also ensures no bacteria is hanging out underneath your countertop’s surface, so its easier to keep your kitchen clean.  Again, if you like low maintenance, quartz is hard to beat.

Photo from Cambria USA

Photo from Cambria USA

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 4.59.43 PM

Photo from Cambria USA


Both granite and quartz can be show stopping materials in a high end kitchen – choosing the right one for you comes down to your personal aesthetic, budget, and desired maintenance style.  I have used both in my career as an interior designer and can honestly say you cannot go wrong with either granite or quartz.  Just make sure that the pattern and color you choose accentuate your kitchen design, rather than distract from it.

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Have a lovely day and happy kitchen remodeling!


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