5 Reasons Hiring an Interior Designer Will Make Your Life Easier

5 Reasons Hiring an Interior Designer Will Make Your Life Easier

5 reasons hiring an interior designer


So, you just moved into a brand new bachelor pad.  It has great bones and lots of character, but your only piece of furniture is a foos ball table, and you feel completely overwhelmed.  Where do you start?  Do you go room by room?  Do you do the whole thing at once?  How does one go about making a house a home?

In my opinion, making a house a “home,” or a bachelor blah into a bachelor “pad,” starts with hiring a reputable interior designer.  We have made careers centered around design, so our expertise will save you loads of time, and in some cases money (read on for that). We will leave you with that warm, fuzzy feeling of living in a space that is totally, and completely, reflective of YOU!

Here are 5 Reasons Hiring an Interior Designer Will Make Your Life Easier:


1. We will help you choose the perfect color palette for your space.

You want your space to be reflective of your style right?    A skilled interior designer is a master of combining colors for a refined look, and chances are, will be able to combine your favorite colors in an interesting and inviting way.  Good interior designers also make paint boards- which allow you to see what your color palette will look like in your space and how it will change with the natural light entering and leaving the room throughout the day. Clients always want to paint first but the paint colors are the last thing that I select!

2. We have relationships with vendors for items that are not sold commercially, so customizing your space is a breeze.

You want a bachelor pad all your own right?  You don’t want it to look like it was purchased straight out of a catalogue do you?  No, you want it to be customized to your taste, and well, without wanting to brag, that is what great interior designers do best.  We combine pieces from countless resources to create a completely customized look just for you.  We have access to furniture and items that are not sold in mass market, often at a special rate (which saves you money).  You want a specific length and depth of sofa with custom fabric? No problem.  You want a one-of-a-kind piece of art created specifically for your space?  Done.  You want smart home, motorized window shades that resemble the city scape you see when the windows are open?  I have a person for that.

If you see something you like, chances are we can find it, create it, have it delivered to your doorstep, and kick it up a notch.  This ability saves you so much time, energy, and often money – allowing you to sink into the design process and simply enjoy the experience of watching your space transform before your eyes.

3. We measure precisely and create accurate design plans.

Ever measured something then bought the appropriate accoutrement only to come home and find out you were several inches off? That can completely ruin a design plan AND make for an incredibly frustrating experience!

Skilled interior designers, however, major in measuring and planning.  We know how important exact measurements and plans are when buying furniture, rugs, lighting, window coverings, etc. and how absolutely essential they are when remodeling a space.  Let us take the madness out of measuring and design planning for you.  We go to great lengths to get things right the first time – again, saving you time AND money (and frustration).

4. We can bring bring your vision to life AND simultaneously make it incredibly functional.

Ever been in a space that looks amazing, but the bedroom door keeps banging into the closet door?  Or the dishwasher is 6 feet away from the sink?  Or the light switch is located on the opposite end of the room from the entry?  Beautiful design quickly becomes less beautiful if it isn’t functional.

This is a travesty that is completely avoidable… with a great designer.  We want to bring your vision for your space to life while kicking it up a notch.  We know what a room requires to function at its optimal level.  We know that home owners appreciate convenience.  We also know that people ALWAYS need more storage than they think they do.  This experience will not only aid in creating your tidy, contemporary new space, but it will also help you to keep it that way.  When everything has a place, and you and your space are in a symbiotic relationship, harmony occurs.  Its like the holy grail of tidy living, and interior designers can provide this ecstasy for you.

5. We have access to the latest trends in smart home technology.

Smart home technology is a trend growing at warp speed.  It allows us to create lives that work in unison with technology – resulting in a “Jetson” like existence.  Interior designers go to trade shows and conferences that give us access to the latest gadgets and apps.  Want to show off a space that is so cutting edge you might need stitches?  Hire an interior designer that incorporates smart home technology. We have the ability to incorporate so many helpful, time-saving tech gadgets into your space that your guests will wonder if your front door is a portal to the future. I personally have developed a relationship with a smart home technology expert in the Atlanta area.  He has the knowledge and resources to provide my clients with cutting edge products and technology.  He has also developed an app that controls everything via your phone or iPad (can I hear an Amen?!?).

So what do you think?  Are you ready to hire an interior designer to make your life easier and create your dream space?  I am here to help!  Email us at minhnuyet@minhnuyethardy.com!  We look so forward to hearing from you!

Have an easy, smart, and incredibly stylish day!

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