Design Defined: Etagere

Design Defined: Etagere



An étagère is a piece furniture with open shelving for the purpose of displaying ornamental accents.

Étagères, though they can be used functionally for storage purposes, are meant to be decorative and pretty.  Interior designers love them because they provide a beautiful backdrop for showing off visually interesting household items and accessories.

One might use an étagère to display a pottery collection, a set of rare antique books, or treasured family photos.

Here or a few examples of etageres: Jonathan Adler Jacques Lucite & Brass Etagere Jonathan Adler
Jacques Lucite & Brass Etagere Global Views Arbor Etagere-Brass & White Marble Global Views Arbor Etagere-Brass & White Marble Universal Furniture Moderne Muse 86" Cube Unit Universal Furniture Moderne Muse 86″ Cube Unit Deidrian Triple Shelving 84" Etagere by Kingstown Home Deidrian Triple Shelving 84″ Etagere by Kingstown Home


Do you have an étagère in your space?  What do you display on it?

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3 smart home devices that will upgrade your life in 2016

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2016 is an incredibly exciting year in smart home technology.  Devices that make our lives more convenient just keep getting better and better AND easier to use (a BIG bonus for those of us that lack in tech proficiency).  I’ve been doing some smart living research and found 3 new devices that I want to share with you.

1. The Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator

This is the most advanced refrigerator yet.  Here is what The International Business Times says about it:

… the Family Hub refrigerator, which features a 21in display on the door to tell you everything that’s going on inside. With a camera on the inside of the fridge you can check in on what you’ve got inside from anywhere, anytime via a Samsung mobile.

The fridge will also inform owners when food is about to go off by sending alerts to your mobile. As well as what’s going on inside the display can also be used to inform owners about the traffic on their daily commute, family members can ping messages and reminders to the screen, you can mirror TV and movies from Samsung televisions (series 6400 upwards), you can use it to find recipes, control your home audio and also order more groceries online. The Family Hub fridge has not been given a release date yet, but rumour has it that it comes with a price tag of $5,000 (£3,420).

Essentially, this fridge acts as an administrative sous chef.  While it is a bit pricey and it hasn’t even hit the market yet, I would venture to say that this is the future of refrigerators.  As our world becomes more connected and technology driven, appliances like this will become increasingly common place.  So for those of you who love modern day conveniences, this is a win!


2. The KIBA Home Camera – World’s First Automated Home Video Maker

Do you feel pressure to capture precious moments with your family?  But then feel like you missed out on the moment because you were participating behind your camera?  Then this device is for you.  According to KIBA’s website, it:

Automatically capture only priceless moments, rejecting 90% of unwanted motion with Kiba’s Joy Ranking Algorithm. You’ll never miss the perfect shot again.

If you don’t believe what you are reading, watch this video:

In a culture as social media driven as ours, this technology will really simplify creating videos to share with your family and friends.

3. Netatmo Presence Security Camera

This outdoor security camera automatically detects people, animals, and cars.  Though we all wish securing our homes and families wasn’t a necessity in today’s world, it is, and this device just made that process a lot easier.  According to Netatmo:

Each home is unique. With Presence you receive customized notifications that match your needs.


Smart home technology continues to break new ground.  With everything from smart home refrigerators to security cameras to high tech weather devices that help maximize our comfort, this technology is sure to change our culture as we know it.

Incorporating the appropriate smart home technology into your space has the potential to greatly enhance your life.

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I wish you a very smart and stylish day!

Design Defined: Color Theory

color theory

Color Theory:

Color theory is the philosophy that supports the use of color to psychologically evoke or stimulate a mood, feeling, or activity in a space.

Color theory is extremely important.  Have you ever walked into a space and felt uplifted?  Or has the opposite happened and you felt a sense of seriousness take over?  Color evokes feeling and that is why choosing the right colors for your space is so important.

According to this Fresh Home article, it is very helpful to know the color basics:

  • Primary Colors: Red, blue, and yellow. Cannot be made from mixing other colors.

  • Secondary Colors: Orange, Purple, and Green. Can be made by mixing the primary colors together.

  • Tertiary Colors: The six shades that can be made from mixing primary and secondary colors.

When you know the information above, it gives you a starting point to begin choosing colors for your space.

HGTV published a fabulous blog post about the Psychology of Color with a break down of the different colors and what kind of moods they evoke.  I highly recommend reading it if you are interested in evoking a particular mood in your space.

Let me know what you discover!  I love hearing from you!

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The Pantone Color of the Year: 2016

Pantone color of the year 2016

Pantone has announced the color of the year for 2016!  Only this year, its not just one color… its two.  I think this is actually pretty refreshing.  Having two colors of the year can mean double the design fun.

Without further adieu, here are this year’s colors: COLOR FORMULAS, GUIDES & STANDARDS COLOR FORMULAS, GUIDES & STANDARDS


Here is what Pantone said on their website about this year’s color choice(s):



PANTONE 13-1520 & PANTONE 15-3919

A softer take on color for 2016: For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Color of the Year

As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colors that psychologically fulfill our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent. Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.

The prevalent combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity also challenges traditional perceptions of color association.

In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted color trends throughout all other areas of design. This more unilateral approach to color is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using color as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to color usage.

This all makes a lot of sense.  Our world is a bit of chaotic place right now, so its perfectly logical that we would want our homes to be a place of deep serenity (see what I did there?) and peace (aka rose quartz).  While these colors would traditionally be sanctioned to a children’s room, they are now boldly moving into other areas of our homes.  Really though, why should the babies have all the peace and serenity?  There is enough to go around…

Retailers are already jumping on the trend.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate these lovely colors into your space:

Throw pillows are an inexpensive and VERY easy way to add rose quartz and serenity into your home. Fan Coral – Rose Quartz & Serenity Throw Pillow Fan Coral – Rose Quartz & Serenity Throw Pillow Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 Rose Quartz/ Serenity Ombre Throw Pillow Pantone Colour of the Year 2016 Rose Quartz/ Serenity Ombre
Throw Pillow


If you are a big fan of the rose quartz color, why not buy an armchair? pittsburgh pink armchair pittsburgh pink armchair


Or if your feeling blue/serene, why not this lovely chesterfield sofa? Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Sofa, Wilcox Velvet Lyre Chesterfield Sofa, Wilcox


Area rugs make a HUGE difference in a space, and this one just hints at Pantone’s color of the year without being overwhelming. Homespun Moroccan Trellis Rug Homespun Moroccan Trellis Rug


Or, if you just want a simple addition, purchase rose quartz and serenity accessories like this one directly from Pantone. PANTONE UNIVERSE Mug with Gift Box PANTONE UNIVERSE Mug with Gift Box


If you are absolutely in love with these colors there are more ways of incorporating them into your space.  Paint a feature wall or an entire room.  Refurbish a piece of craigslist furniture with one or both of the colors.  Buy a large canvas and paint a piece of abstract art with this year’s shades.  The options are endless.  Just remember, as with everything in life, moderation is key.

Here are a couple of additional resources:


Sandy Petermann-Williams

The Lux Pad


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I wish you great serenity in the new year!

Design Defined: Pinch Pleat

pinch pleat

Pinch Pleat:

A pinch pleat is a double or multiple fold in a fabric that is held together by stitching.

A pinch pleat can add a lot of visual interest to your space.  Use it on window treatments, bedding, even shower curtains… the possibilities are endless.

Here are a few examples of what a pinch pleat can look like: Organic Pintuck Duvet Cover Organic Pintuck Duvet Cover Pintuck Curtain Pintuck Curtain Threshold™ Pintuck Shower Curtain Threshold™ Pintuck Shower Curtain


Have you ever used a pinch pleat in your space?  What do you think?  I would love to hear from you!

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7 Masculine Accessories for January

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Have you ever heard the saying, “Its all in the details?”  Well, I’m here to say that in the world of interior design, its all in the accessories.  I have scoured the internet to bring you 7 fabulously masculine accessories that are sure to enhance your home whether its a contemporary bachelor pad, or a cozy family abode.

1. Scented Candle Scented candle in Cologne Scented candle in Cologne


A scented candle is always a good idea… just like Paris.  And this one just happens to be from France.  Need I say more?


2. Lexon Z Desk Lamp Lexon Z Desk Lamp Lexon Z Desk Lamp


This desk lamp makes a statement.  Its sleek and modern, yet still functional.  I also love the mixed materials its composed of.




This is such a fun throwback.  I love the way it looks on a table or shelf and it works!  Its incredibly fun and will certainly be a conversation piece.


4. Restoration Hardware 1930’s American Factory Window Mirror 1930S AMERICAN FACTORY WINDOW MIRROR 1930S AMERICAN FACTORY WINDOW MIRROR


I recently remodeled a loft in downtown Atlanta so I have been obsessed with all things loft-y lately.  This mirror is certainly one of them.  It looks old – almost as if it has a story, and it would certainly add visual interest to any space it inhabits.


5. Design Twins Cross Pot for Plants Design Twins CROSS POT Design Twins


Every space needs some life, and a potted plant is a great way to incorporate some greenery and oxygen.  This pot just happens to be incredibly cool, as well.  (Be sure the plant you choose thrives in indoor settings.)


6. Makr Saddle Magazine Rack pale gray with saddle tan horween® leather pale gray with saddle tan horween® leather


I own a lot of magazines and I find it hard to organize and keep them all looking neat.  I absolutely love this saddle magazine rack.  Its fabulous.  I would recommend placing all the “to be read” material in it, and then organizing the material you have already read on a bookshelf.




Speaking of bookshelves… how cool are these cigar bookends?  They are such a fun and unique addition to any display.

What do you think?  Do you like these masculine accessories?  Would you buy any of them?  I would love to hear from you.

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Design Defined: Cornice




According to the dictionary, a cornice is an ornamental molding around the wall of a room just below the ceiling.

For additional details about a cornice, visit this wikipedia article.

Here is a short video with varying examples of a cornice:


What do you think of these Design Defined posts?  Are they providing you with helpful interior design information?  I sure hope so! Please let me know if there are any topics you would like covered.

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6 Tips to (re)organize your home after the holidays

6 tips to reorganize your home after the holidays6 tips to reorganize your home after the holidays

January is the perfect time of year to reassess the organization of your home.  The holidays are over, the blank slate feeling of the new year has arrived, and keeping your home organized and tidy will allow you more time to focus on your New Year’s resolutions.

These tips may require a bit of time and effort on the front end, but they will build a smooth foundation for easy home organization for the rest of the year.

1. Purchase a shelving unit for the garage or basement to stow Holiday decor. 48 in. W x 72 in. H x 18 in. D Decorative Wire Chrome Finish Commercial Shelving Unit 48 in. W x 72 in. H x 18 in. D Decorative Wire Chrome Finish Commercial Shelving Unit


Storage and organization is an issue for so many of us.  Having a separate shelving unit tucked away in your basement or garage is a great way to store items you don’t use often.  This will free up space in closets and areas of your home where you need space for more regularly used items.

When everyday items have a designated “home” in your home, it is SO much easier to keep your space tidy and organized.

2. Organize your decor before packing it away. 6 Qt. Storage Box in White and Clear Plastic 6 Qt. Storage Box in White and Clear Plastic Combo Holiday Storage Organizer (3-Piece) Combo Holiday Storage Organizer (3-Piece) 70 Qt. Ultra Storage Box 70 Qt. Ultra Storage Box


I like to organize my holiday decor before packing it away.  I wrap ornaments in tissue paper to protect them and then store them in shoe size plastic boxes to ensure their safe keeping.  For wreaths, I purchase special storage containers that you can find at most home improvements stores designed specifically for wreaths.  For all other Holiday decor items, I purchase plastic tubs, each labeled with the items it contains (Ex: Stockings, Christmas Lights, Nativity Set).  Then I place them on the shelving unit I have for holiday decor and stack them according to weight.

This makes decorating such a breeze for next year.  You will already know where everything is.

3. For every new gift you receive, give away two old items you no longer use.


Better to have less and have it be tidy and organized, than have a bunch of items that live in your space with no home.  I know sorting through your items and making a Goodwill pile can be a little intimidating, but this is the perfect time of year to do it.

A good rule of thumb is, for each new item you received over the holiday season, give away one or two items that you no longer use. Trust me, the is life/home changing.  Your home will instantly feel more spacious and that will leave you more room to organize the belongings you are going to keep.  In addition, giving to Goodwill or a similar charity of your choice will make you feel fabulous.

4. Create a seasonal toy stowing organization system for your children’s toys.

Do your children have a pile of toys that seems unending?  Do you feel like you will never have enough storage space to stow them away comfortably?  Create a seasonal toy stowing system.

Just like you swap your fall/winter closet for your spring/summer closet, swap out your children’s toys seasonally.  Purchase several bins (that you can store on the shelving unit you purchased for your Holiday decor) and label them with Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.  Then sort toys, books, etc. into four piles.  Toys are not necessarily seasonal, however, by doing this, you will instantly declutter your home, and when a new season rolls around, your children will feel like they have a whole new set of toys.  They may feel like its Christmas four times a year.

To me, this is a win for you and the organization of your home AND a win for your children!

5. Give your home a good cleaning. Clean&Store™ Cleaning bucket with removable caddy Clean&Store™
Cleaning bucket with removable caddy


Starting the year with a clean home feels so refreshing.  Free up a weekend in January, charge your iPod, and clean away.  Wipe windows, move your couch and give the floor underneath it a good vacuuming, clean your oven, etc… Why wait for spring cleaning when you can do it now?  This will not only make your home look and feel clean, it will make you feel that much more ready to own this next year!

“Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”

Benjamin Franklin

6. Make a chore list that you can reuse all year.

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 8.39.07 PM

A chore list helps to keep me on track all year long.  If you have a family, you can assign and then rotate chores each week to each family member.  This ensures everyone is contributing to maintaining a lovely home.

The blog Gone Like Rainbows published a great post about Complete House Keeping with free downloads (the one above is from this article).  I highly recommend it for those who want to maintain an organized (and clean) home throughout the year.

Well what do you think?  Were these organizational tips helpful?  I would love to hear from you!

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Happy Organizing!